Wide Receiver Success Rate In Relation To Height

In this four part series I examined wide receiver, fantasy points scored, receptions, total yards and targets, over the 2015, 2016, & 2017 seasons in relation to height. As expected the wide receivers  between 6'1"-6'3" & 5'10"-6-0" had by far the highest success rate. The next most successful and third most represented wide out group were receivers between 6'4"-6'6". Also predictably the smaller receivers 5'7"-5'9" had the lowest success rate. They finished last in every relevant statistical category in my comparisons, so stay away from the shorter speedy receivers under 5'10".

Wide Receiver Fantasy Points In Relation To Height

Wide Receiver Targets In Relation To Height 

Wide Receiver Receptions In Relation To Height

Wide Receiver Total Yards In Relation To Height