Home Versus Road Percentage Of Total Tackles Credited As Solo Tackles

In the IDP community there appears to be a preconceived notion that certain home stat crews are a little on the generous side towards the home defense to say the least. So I set out to investigate which home stat crews can be advantageous to your IDP players and which stat crews may hinder certain players stat lines. Focusing on the way individual stat crews divvy up solo tackles in conjunction to how assisted tackles are distributed. What I discover was quite fascinating there are certain stat crews that seem to prefer handing out assisted tackles over solo's and vise versa. So as a basis for comparison I used a home teams solo tackles divided by that teams total tackles, then compared them to how that team had it's solo tackles and assisted tackles handed out while playing on the road. The differences in certain teams were astounding, it's almost like some teams are batting an opponents stat crew in their own stadium. Common sense would indicate that its just a matter of time before the NFL is tracking tackle totals and it's no longer left to in house, statisticians. As you can see from the table below certain teams have the luxury of being credited with significantly more solo tackles at home that they do on the road.

This first graph represents the percentage of solo tackles given out to the home team by the home stat crew in relation to total tackles awarded. All numbers are displayed in percentages, and highlight the vast difference from one stat crew to the next across the league. Proving standardization by the league office is long over due.

The next graph conversely indicates which teams home stat crews hand out the most assisted tackles, as is the case with the previous graph there appears to be a significant discrepancy from one stat crew to the next. Only adding fuel to the fire that the NFL needs to overlook the statistic of tackles moving forward.