Neville Gallimore - Oklahoma

Height/Weight - 6'2/304

Age/Birthday - 23 Years Old, (January 17, 1997)

Combine Results - 40-4.79, Vert-", Broad-"

Class - RS Senior

Conference - Big 12

NFL Draft Projection - Round 1-2

College Stats -

2019 - 17 (Solos)/12 (Assists)/6.5 (TFL)/4.0 (Sacks)

2018 - 16 (Solos)/34 (Assists)/5.0 (TFL)/3.0 (Sacks)

2017 - 13 (Solos)/15 (Assists)/1.5 (TFL)/0.5 (Sacks)

2016 - 21 (Solos)/19 (Assists)/4.0 (TFL)/1.0 (Sacks)

NFL Player ComparisonJurrell Casey, Gerald McCoy

Current ADP -  (Rookie Drafts),  (Start Ups)

Video Highlights -








Player Notes Pros

  • Thrives when tasked shooting single gap, due to first step quickness & urgency

  • Effort throughout every rep shines, competes his ass off to clear contact and pursue

  • Hands are active, many standout moments where he swipes, clears & gets to the edge

  • Plenty of pop in his strikes, often stunning blockers enabling him to take control of reps

  • Burst & flexibility enables him to close distances & cause problems in the backfield.

  • Showcases good rush variety including an effective swim, club, rip, power & spin moves

  • Used a lot on twists & slants to attack blockers without square framing for their blocks

  • At the point of attack his mobility allows him to peel back & clog up lanes sufficiently

  • Built low to the ground & super stocky, which helps him get around corner effectively 

  • Shows ability to hinge laterally at the waist to get skinny or slip through gaps

  • Wins with both power & bull rushes, offers strength to keep blockers on their heels

  • Can catch offensive lineman off guard with how well he gets out of the blocks

  • L-step is very effective, provides blockers with moving target before shooting the gap

  • Great short area mobility to pivot, redirect or peel back against his own momentum

  • An A-gap/B-gap defender through and through, disruptive for a DT in all situations 


Player Notes Cons


  • Isn’t the most consistent anchoring against drive blocks or doubles teams

  • Has to be more consistent keeping his pads low & fighting for his gap against the run

  • Power much more dynamic moving forward then when he has to anchor & plant

  • Block recognition & deconstruction against the run has plenty of room for growth

  • Wouldn't consider him a true 3T, as his penetration skills aren't quite that dynamic