Utilizing All Sources Of Pertinent Information


As dynasty players we often disregard any sources of information or rankings that come from outside the dynasty community. Hardcore dynasty players often refer to themselves as "Degenerates" and therefore feel only other degenerates are capable of providing them with quality fantasy information and advice. I totally get that line of thinking as it makes sense to want to obtain your information from someone who is borderline obsessed with fantasy or more specifically dynasty. But I'm here to tell you that way of thinking may be limiting or hindering your dynasty success, as there are a lot of incredible minds in the industry who don't consider themselves dynasty degenerates. In this article I will examine the different ways to leverage any and all information out of all the best fantasy players in the industry and to not limit your knowledge to only one or two trusted sources.

Lets begin with redraft, I know the first thing that comes to mind with the term redraft is part time fantasy player, as redraft leagues only run for roughly one third of the calendar year. But that often isn't the case as there are some incredibly knowledgeable and gifted minds who focus only on redraft. The main thing that has to be considered is that even though dynasty players like to play for the next three to five years, the current year you are playing in is the year your trying to win. With that being said when it comes to redraft rankings they must be taken with a grain of salt as they are specifically tailored for that particular season only. But you can't overlook the fact that many of the best redraft minds are beating the drum for the same group of players. Meaning regardless of age, contract situation, injury history, future direction of the team, or any other factors for that matter, they believe that particular player is going to excel in the upcoming season. So when cross referenced with trusted dynasty data or dynasty rankings the information provided by the redraft community can be an invaluable resource for your dynasty squads. Also the bulk of all fantasy football played is redraft (unfortunately) which means the overall industry and top analysts will lean towards redraft as that's where the bulk of their subscribers and income are coming from.

The DFS community has some incredibly smart people in it, and some particular individuals that have won astronomical amounts of money playing daily fantasy football. These are people in the industry that in my opinion simply cannot be ignored as they dissect each and every match up on a weekly basis. As dynasty players we often like to roll out our "big guns" in our starting lineup regardless of weekly match ups. The DFS community can really assist in setting lineups for dynasty players as they break down every game and each individual player matchup. When the bulk of the DFS community fades a player on Sunday it doesn't matter how high you drafted him or how much you paid to acquire them, you shoulkd be fading that player as well. With that being said many DFS "Gurus" like to play the contrarian role, attempting to use players the bulk of the industry are fading in that particular week. Meaning you have to be cautious as to which side you choose to be on, the consensus side, the contrarian side or a combination of both. But regardless the DFS guys with the fat bank rolls are obviously doing something right as many have quit there day jobs to focus on DFS fantasy football.

An often overlooked part of the industry is the IDP community, believe it or not, information leveraged from weekly IDP rankings can be a very useful source of information when setting your lineups. I cannot stress enough that regardless of the quality of a wide receiver there are certain shut down corners you simply want to avoid. This can also be said for certain runningbacks there are particular teams that regardless of how good the back is certain teams and some defensive lines just don't give up an abundance of rushing yards or touchdowns. Which quarterback you start that week may also depend on the quality of the opponents secondary and pass rush ability. I know first hand there are some incredibly intelligent individuals that focus particularly on IDP and their weekly rankings and match up information simply shouldn't be ignored. Also if your not playing in an IDP league your doing it all wrong.

Another helpful source of information if you have a quarterback decision to make is utilizing two quarterback rankings and data. These are people who run websites dedicated strictly to quarterbacks so who better to leverage quarterback information from than someone who strictly focuses on QB's? Despite the two quarterback format currently being regarded as a niche group of the fantasy community, the quality information they produce also should not be overlooked. I personally prefer playing in two quarterback leagues as it gives the most important position in the NFL more fantasy value, especially if its a smaller league. I predict in the not too distant future that two quarterback leagues will become the norm in the fantasy community.

Now that we have covered all the main sources of quality information that can be utilized in setting your weekly lineups. I just wanted to caution dynasty and all fantasy players for that matter that for every quality website or trusted Twitter follow you discover. There are also questionable websites and complete goofs on Twitter who just want to spew total nonsense looking for clicks and essentially just talking out of their asses. Making unrealistic hot takes hoping that occasionally one of their hair brain hot takes actually end up being correct. I have met some these people via Twitter and some of them even run websites, thankfully the majority of the dynasty community are intelligent respectful people. You just have to determine which members of the industry are going to benefit your team and your starting lineup the most. As even I have had the wool pulled over my eyes fairly recently before having to shed negative dead weight on our own website.