Kelly Bryant - Missouri


Height/Weight - 6'3/229/Hands-9.50" 

Age/Birthday - 23 Years Old, (September 25, 1996)

Combine Results - 40-4.69, Vert-35.0", Broad-125.0"

Class - RS Senior

Conference - SEC East

NFL Draft Projection - Round 7-UDFA

College Stats -

2019 - Passing: 181/292/2215/62.0%/7.6 YPA/15 TD/6 INT (Missouri)

2019 - Rushing: 106/242/2.3/1 TD

2018 - Passing: 36/54/461/66.7%/8.5 YPA/2 TD/1 INT (Clemson)

2018 - Rushing: 30/130/4.3/2 TD

2017 - Passing: 262/398/2802/65.8%/7.0 YPA/13 TD/8 INT (Clemson)

2017 - Rushing: 192/665/3.5/11 TD

2016 - Passing: 6/9/48/66.7%/5.3 YPA/1 TD/0 INT (Clemson)

2016 - Rushing: 12/22/1.8/1 TD

2015 - Passing: 7/9/27/77.8%/3.0 YPA/0 TD/1 INT (Clemson)

2015 - Rushing: 23/156/6.8/2 TD

NFL Player Comparison - Robert Griffin III, DeShone Kizer

Current ADP - 60+ (1-QB, Rookie Drafts), 300+ (1-QB, Start Ups)

Video Highlights - 








Player Notes Pros


  • At Clemson, was in an offense that relied heavily upon RPOs & quick game concepts.

  • Many right now throws or ones that involved holding the ball for less than two seconds 

  • Reads and areas that he attacked were consistent with how concepts were designed

  • Attacking leverage or unfavorable box counts, he put the offense in favorable situations 

  • Speed is evident when forced to generate happenings outside of the collapsing pocket 

  • Broken plays are turned into positive gains and first downs due to agility & burst

  • Athleticism allows coordinators to change the launch point of throws getting creative 

  • Shows to be very capable of throwing while rolling or sprinting out in either direction

  • Displays a tremendous feel for knowing exactly how much touch to put on passes

  • Allows targets to run underneath ball as it falls right into their catch basket mid stride

  • Over the shoulder estimation on vertical shots is an absolute thing of beauty 

  • Isn’t afraid to loft the ball up & give his targets chances to win in one on one battles

  • When in rhythm in the offense, Bryant can get on a roll & pick defense apart effectively

  • Shows excellent intelligence & poise, the master of taking what the defense gives him

Player Notes Cons

  • Strictly operated from the gun, when asked to drop back, gets stuck at the apex of drops 

  • When feeling pressure from the exterior he seeks to defeat it by circling into traffic

  • There’s lots of discomfort with climbing into the eye of the storm while keeping focused

  • Senses phantom pressure often, as he often opts to escape the pocket prematurely

  • When forced to fit throws in tight windows, defenders were able to make a play

  • Throws outside of the numbers have a dying flight path because of the lack of zip 

  • Doesn’t possess an aggressive throwing motion and it shows with the lack of velocity

  • No matter the depth of route, WR's often forced to scoop passes in order to save them