Josh Metellus - Michigan

Height/Weight - 5'11/209

Age/Birthday - 22 Years Old, (January 21, 1998)

Combine Results - 40-4.55, Vert-36.5", Broad-124.0"

Class - Senior

Conference - Big 10 East

NFL Draft Projection - Round 6-7

College Stats -

2019 - 41 (Solos)/33 (Assists)/4.0 (TFL)/0.0 (Sacks)/2(INT)/5(PD)

2018 - 31 (Solos)/16 (Assists)/3.5 (TFL)/0.0 (Sacks)/3(INT)/5(PD)

2017 - 29 (Solos)/21 (Assists)/0.5 (TFL)/0.0 (Sacks)/0(INT)/4(PD)

2016 - 8 (Solos)/7 (Assists)/1.0 (TFL)/1.0 (Sacks)/0(INT)/0(PD)

NFL Player ComparisonJohnathan Cyprien, Kenny Vaccaro

Current ADP -  (Rookie Drafts),  (Start Ups)

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Player Notes Pros

  • Man coverage specialist safety with some impressive corner like traits 

  • Good length & physicality when addressing the catch point, will attack the football

  • Tall frame offers height to compete for deep passes, allows him to win on 50/50 balls

  • Especially effective closing downhill from off & short zone coverage 

  • Good physical presence against quick game concepts given his closing burst physicality

  • When able to come to balance, he's a pretty solid finisher in one on one collisions

  • Ball production is excellent & he's considered a ball hawk by any standards

  • Well built & has some flashes stepping down towards the LOS to be a force player

  • Capable in rerouting receivers in space when squatting down in zone coverage

  • There's rotational upside against less dynamic slot receivers to play some man to man

  • Best prototypical base defense role is as a strong safety who spend time in the box 


Player Notes Cons


  • Lacking in both agility & long speed and seems limited to box/short-zone play 

  • Not a quick study on the field and was involved in a high number of coverage mixups  

  • Does not always see plays developing in front of him in deep zone coverages

  • Angles in space are really weird almost invariably too steep coming downhill

  • Gets burned again by speed accordingly. Lack of flexibility is a big issue in misdirection

  • Requires multiple steps to plant, & redirect, long strides hurt him in this area