James Morgan - Florida International


Height/Weight - 6'4/229/Hands-9.75" 

Age/Birthday - 22 Years Old, (February 12, 1998)

Combine Results - 40-4.89, Vert-29.0", Broad-112.0"

Class - RS Senior

Conference - Conference USA (East)

NFL Draft Projection - Round 7-UDFA

College Stats -

2019 - Passing: 207/357/2585/58.0%/7.2 YPA/14 TD/5 INT

2019 - Rushing: 32/-40/-1.3/2 TD

2018 - Passing: 213/326/2727/65.3%/8.4 YPA/26 TD/7 INT

2018 - Rushing: 27/-19/-0.7/1 TD

2017 - Passing: 96/212/1260/45.3%/5.9 YPA/9 TD/7 INT (Bowling Green)

2017 - Rushing: 26/-37/-1.4/0 TD

2016 - Passing: 183/326/2082/56.1%/6.4 YPA/16 TD/15 INT (Bowling Green)

2016 - Rushing: 45/-72/-1.6/0 TD

NFL Player Comparison - Matt Moore, Ryan Finley

Current ADP - 60+ (1-QB, Rookie Drafts), 300+ (1-QB, Start Ups)

Video Highlights - 








Player Notes Pros


  • Then he wants to or feels compelled to put heat on it, he's definitely got the goods.

  • His deep balls are nice, drive them downfield with excellent accuracy & consistency

  • Accuracy is impressive on vertical shots, he's got really nice tape in a collapsing pocket 

  • Love his placement on the money shot verse cover 2, made many big throws there

  • Showed great competitive toughness, he's willing to stand in & stare down the barrel

  • Eyes are capable of scanning full field, he's got a good sense of where his targets are

  • Some of his spot throws are absolutely incredible. can zip deep outs to the far sideline

  • Ability to lead his WR's on comebacks to the boundary & lace it between holes in zone

  • Has had some success sliding in the pocket and keeping his eyes down the field 

  • Not afraid to get popped, has made a number of huge throws in heavy pressure

  • Natural sense to slide at the top of his drops, effectively buys time to get the ball out

  • If he's flushed out of the pocket, he does very well to find secondary outlets

  • Unique throwing motion, he's got a interesting delivery, more of a slingshot motion

  • Drops are very nice, evenly balanced getting to the top of his drop and like his agility 

  • Reset is there & presence of mind is there to make slight adjustments on double pumps

  • Big, strong body will bring some value in quarterback sneak scenarios to push the pile

Player Notes Cons

  • Robs himself of some juice with a narrow base, needs to recruit his lower half better

  • Lets his mechanics & base break down the longer he holds onto the ball

  • Labelled as somewhat of a rhythm passer throughput his collegiate career

  • Appreciate toughness but his processor needs to speed up & get the ball out way quicker

  • Gets stuck on primary read on occasion, especially if he feels it SHOULD be there

  • When he feels the room closing in around him, he'll often let himself fall into bad habits

  • If he doesn't have a gap to slip against interior pressure, odds are you've got him sacked

  • Some elongation to his sequence, not an over the top passer, which influences his torso

  • Not going to gouge you on the ground, only a functional athlete within the pocket