Fantasy Points Scored By Position

In this next series I'm going to examine fantasy points scored by offensive position, to determine which positions are scoring the majority of points in your dynasty leagues. I looked back at a three year sample size of the top 100 PPR fantasy points scored leaders, as looking back any further than that, it is essentially pointless. Between the ever evolving game and the constant roster turnover among teams. Over the course of the past three seasons there is definitely a trend when it comes to fantasy points scored by position as the following graphs will display.



2015 PPR Fantasy Points Scored By Position 

As you can see from the 2015 bar graph wide receivers led the way in fantasy points scored in 2015, representing 40% of the top 100 in PPR points. In second place was runningbacks who accounted for 26% of the leaders in PPR points, just barely edging out QB's who made up 25% of the PPR leader board in 2015. Well behind was the tight end group only accounting for 9% of the 2015 PPR points scored leaders. There are no real surprises here when it comes to the 2015 graph, essentially each teams top QB and RB made the top 100. I'm also not the least bit surprised by the wide receivers leading the way as there are simply more of them on the field at any given time than any other offensive skill position. I did expect to see a slightly better showing from the tightend group as they were miles behind the rest of the positions.

2016 PPR Fantasy Points Scored By Position 

It is easy to notice the similarities between the 2015 and 2016 graphs, the wide receivers had an even better showing in 2016, with the tightends dropping off. As well as the runningbacks and quarterbacks flip flopping for second and third. In 2016 wide receivers accounted for 44% of the top 100 in PPR scoring leading all other positions by a wide margin. Second place in fantasy points scored were the quarterbacks with a 27% representation, edging out wide receivers who made up 23% of the top 100. Once again in fourth place lagging even further behind in 2016 is the tighend position, who only managed to account for 6% of the top 100 in PPR scoring.

2017 PPR Fantasy Points Scored By Position 

As you can see from the 2017 graph the positional scoring finally leveled out over the top three positions, with tightends again bringing up the rear. Wide receivers for the third consecutive year lead the way but with their lowest three year total of 37% of the top 100. Runningbacks closed the gap accounting for 28%, just edging out QB's who were at 27% of the top 100 PPR scorers in 2017. Again well behind in fourth place is tightends who made up only 8% of the leader board.

2015-2017 PPR Fantasy Points Scored By Position 

Over the course of the past three years it's no secret as to which offensive position is dominating the top 100 in PPR scoring with wide receivers leading the way with an average of 40.3% of the top 100. Between 2015 and 2017  Quarterbacks barely finished ahead of runningbacks, coming out slightly ahead in yearly PPR scoring averaging 26.3% to 25.7% annually which is only a 0.6% difference. Tightends as you can see make up a very small part of the yearly top 100 PPR scorers averaging a 7.7% representation annually. All the more reason to transition your league over to a tightend premium scoring league, otherwise they can hold very little value outside of the top tier TE's.