Cole McDonald - Hawaii


Height/Weight - 6'3/215/Hands-9.75" 

Age/Birthday - 22 Years Old, (DOB Unknown)

Combine Results - 40-4.58, Vert-36.0", Broad-121.0"

Class - RS Senior

Conference - Mountain West (West)

NFL Draft Projection - Round 5

College Stats -

2019 - Passing: 326/511/4135/63.8%/8.1 YPA/33 TD/14 INT

2019 - Rushing: 101/383/3.8/7 TD

2018 - Passing: 285/484/3875/58.9%/8.6 YPA/36 TD/10 INT

2018 - Rushing: 134/359/2.7/4 TD

2017 - Passing: 5/9/22/55.6%/2.4 YPA/1 TD/0 INT

2017 - Rushing: 16/138/8.6/1 TD

NFL Player Comparison - Jameis Winston, Drew Lock

Current ADP - 60+ (1-QB, Rookie Drafts), 300+ (1-QB, Start Ups)

Video Highlights - 








Player Notes Pros


  • Big frame & strong arm, ideal size & strength for an NFL run & gun offense

  • Natural when it comes to pushing the ball down the field with distance and velocity

  • Fearless thrower who will challenge coverages and take the chances necessary to win

  • Has a good sense of pressure and knows how & when to escape a collapsing pocket

  • He's not afraid to use the full field thanks to high amount of spacing in college offense

  • Presence in the pre-snap for pressure looks is strong, he rarely gets caught off guard

  • Quick to drop the eyes & tuck ball, where his athleticism could become a huge threat

  • An absolute cannon for an arm with all the juice you could possibly hope for

  • Gets away with late delivery on sideline throws due to how much zip he gets on the ball

  • There's some Philip Rivers in his arm slot, wonky catapult style delivery but it works

  • Feet are fairly casual, gun slinger who improved his balance at the top of his drop

  • Get him on the edge & he'll surprise you with his speed, will do well with RPO concepts

Player Notes Cons

  • When things go off rhythm, the accuracy tends to drop off in an unreliable way

  • Throwing motion is long and inefficient, is not consistent with his release point

  • Often causes unpredictable accuracy issues when the timing is off with receivers

  • Leads receivers into hospital balls too often, needs to shade throws away from defenders

  • The speed of his progressions is a different story — he'll need to become much quicker