Brycen Hopkins - Purdue

Height/Weight - 6'4/245/Hands-10.125"

Age/Birthday - 22 Years Old, (March 27, 1997)

Combine Results - 40-4.66, Vert-33.5", Broad-116.0"

Class - RS Senior

Conference - Big 10 West

NFL Draft Projection - Round 1

College Stats -

2019 - Receiving: 61/830/13.6/7

2018 - Receiving: 34/583/17.1/2

2017 - Receiving: 25/349/14.0/3

2016 - Receiving: 10/183/18.3/4

NFL Player Comparison - Evan Engram, David Njoku

Current ADP - 4:02 (Rookie Drafts), 233.33 (Start Ups)

Video Highlights -








Player Notes Pros

  • Very fluid, natural as a route runner & in the open field for a player his size

  • Incredibly explosive off the line and brings that into strong blocking as well

  • Tough match up for any LB to keep up with due to how fast & how smooth his route are

  • Mismatch from the slot, good feet which gives him the ability to be precise in cuts 

  • More powerful than he looks, aligned as the Move TE in Purdue's offense

  • He is a very good proactive athlete who is dynamic with the ball in his hands

  • Displays very good extension as a natural hands catcher & wins contested catches

  • Full route tree at his disposal and has worked from multiple alignments and stances

  • Has a good elevation profile and excellent length to attack 50/50 balls up the seam

  • Starting caliber flex Y at the NFL level, can line up anywhere flexed off the LOS

  • Supersized wide receiver in terms of build and athletic ability, with runaway speed

  • Body control is great, easily flips shoulders back to the ball when working vertically

Player Notes Cons


  • Can afford to become more consistent with his hand placement as a blocker

  • Needs to consistently come off the ball hard when he isn’t the primary option

  • Inconsistent hands catcher, which is a worrying cap on his ceiling in the NFL

  • Average thickness with a thinner lower half than you'd expect to see from a tight end

  • More of a receiver than anything, putting more on his plate early may pose challenges