1 Vs 1 WR Edition: Davante Adams Vs DeVante Parker


In this series I'm going to compare two similarly ranked and drafted wide receivers putting them up against each other, and comparing them in a variety of categories such as quality of quarterback, draft pedigree, age, combine results, measurables, team passing attempts, snaps played, PFF grades, target percentage, and depth chart competition. In an attempt to determine which of the two players will be the superior dynasty asset. In this edition I'm going to compare two very talented, young wide receivers in Davante Adams and DeVante Parker.

In 2016 Adams truly had the traditional third year wide receiver breakout putting up an impressive 75 receptions for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns on 121 targets, averaging 13.3 yards per reception. Parker's stats also increased significantly last season as he hauled in 56 passes for for 744 yards and 4 touchdowns on 88 targets, also averaging 13.3 yards per reception. PFF seems to like Parker a bit more than Adams and that's reflected in how they graded out, Parker was graded 81.1 good enough for the 27th overall wide receiver. Adams came in at 50th overall among wide receivers with a 76.4 grade. I have Adams ahead of Parker in my wide receiver ranking with Adams at number 19 and Parker at 26. As far as these two wide receivers quarterbacks go its not even close, nothing against Tannehill but Rodgers is a future Hall Of Famer. While Tannehills 80.9 PFF grade was good enough for 16th overall and is very respectable. I don't think I have to go into a whole bunch of detail about why Rodgers is a superior quarterback to Tannehill, Rodgers is a generational talent, and when all is said and done will be regarded by many as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Rodgers came in at 3rd overall in PFF's quarterback grades with a 92.1 grade and is without question my number one ranked dynasty quarterback, compared to Tannehill who I have ranked 24th. Advantage: Adams

When it comes to their age, measurables, combine results, and draft pedigree, it appears these two wide receivers have a lot in common. Despite being born and drafted in different years they are less than a month apart in age as are both only 24 years old and entering the prime of their careers. Parker gets a slight edge in size as he is listed as 6'3, 212 compared to Adams at 6'1, 215. Their combine numbers were very similar as well, Parker had the advantage in the 40 with an impressive 4:45 to Adams 4:56 and out jumped Adams by 2” inches in the broad jump putting up a 125” jump. Adams however had a ridiculous 39.5” vertical, topping Parker's 36.5” jump. Draft pedigree is a distinct advantage for Parker as he was drafted 14th overall in the 2015 draft. Adams is no slouch when it comes to draft position as he was taken with the 21st pick of the 2nd round in the potentially historically deep 2014 wide receiver class. Advantage: Parker

Now lets take a look at these wide receivers from more of a team perspective, looking at each teams passing attempts, completion percentage, successful play rate, and teams passing play percentage. Miami attempted 477 passes in the 2016, completing 67.3% of them, with a 51% successful play rate. Which equated to passing the ball on 56.2% of offensive plays last season. It was obvious to anyone watching Miami last season that they transitioned into more of a run based offense after realizing the talent of running back Jay Ajayi. When it comes to Green Bay, Rodgers threw a career high 610 passes, throwing the ball on 64.7% of offensive plays, due mostly to the lack of an effective run game for the majority of the season. The Packers Drafted three running backs in this years draft, that combined with Ty Montgomery having a full off season to prepare as a running back. I think it's pretty safe to say Green Bay should have a more effective run game this season and as a result Rodgers pass attempts should regress to a more reasonable number of attempts in 2017. That being said he still managed to complete 64.6% of his passes with a 51% successful play rate, despite throwing over 600 passes. So once again thanks to Rodgers. Advantage: Adams

Adams also holds an advantage when it comes to both snaps played and targets in 2016, Adams eclipsed the 1000 snap mark playing 1066 snaps with 121 targets which was good for 19.8% of his teams targets and thankfully for Adams owners a lot of those targets came in the red zone. Parker only played 789 snaps, receiving 88 targets for a total of 18.6% of his teams total targets. Parker's limited snaps and targets were due to several reason, he started the season banged up, Miami moved more towards the run as the season progressed, and Jarvis Landry simply gets a lot of the targets. The Packers and Dolphins both have a lot of mouths to feed on offense, Parker has to contend with Landry, Stills, Drake, and to a lesser degree Julius Thomas for targets. When it comes to Parker it is my understanding that his biggest obstical on the depth chart may be himself, its been well documented that Parker hasn't taken his diet and conditioning seriously, as well as being late for meetings, practices, and team activities, on a regular basis. I know how positive all off season reports out of Miami were, but it finally appears that Parker has changed his ways and is becoming more professional. Adams also has a crowded depth chart to contend with Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Ty Montgomery, all vying for targets. Advantage: Adams

Despite being the president of the DeVante Parker fan club I have to give the advantage in this one to Adams, mostly due to significant advantage in quality of quarterback. If Parker can take the next step and continue his positive career progression I honestly believe he could overtake Adams in my rankings by next off season, based on talent alone. One of the main factors influencing Parker's long term value, outside of Parker's maturity level, or lack there of, will be if the team retains Jarvis Landry or lets him walk via free agency. As of now it doesn't sound overly promising for Landry returning to Miami in 2018, as he has yet to be offered a contract and has been subject of somewhat negative comments by team management recently regarding his future as a Dolphin. Winner: Davante Adams