@Dingas4 Too Early 2019 QB Rankings

1. AJ Brown, Mississippi - With 75 catches and 1200 yards to go with his 11 TDs in the SEC we know what Brown can do for you, add in his size (6'1, 225) his excellent route running and next level hands and it’s easy to see why he’s ranked on top of a very good WR class.

2. K'Neal Harry, Arizona State - Harry is going to be a QBs best friend at the next level with an impressive catch radius , and an ability to be a possession type receiver. Despite playing on a below average Sun Devils offense last year he was able to produce with 75 catches and 1000 yards.

3. Bryan Edwards, South Carolina - Maybe the biggest knock on Edwards so far has been his inability to stay healthy but when on the field he can simply take over a game. The combination of him and Samuel should have the scouts buzzing in South Carolina.

4. Anthony Johnson, Buffalo - If you have followed me for any length of time you know I have a man crush on Johnson and now others are starting to catch the Johnson fever. You want a player comparison from the ’18 class you can look to Micheal Gallup, he is thick and strong and when he gets the ball into the open field he is difficult to bring down.

5. Kelvin Harmon, North Carolina State - At 6'2, 213lbs Harmon has that desired NFL size but maybe more impressive is his ability to make plays down field. Also possessing the ability to make those big plays of 20 plus yards downfield. There won’t be many players that will be able to out work Harmon.

6. Ahmon Richards Miami - Last year’s injury hurt his spot on this list as he was only able to play in 7 games, so we have to look at 2016 tape to see where the hype is at. In 2016, as a freshman where he put up a ridiculous 19 yards per catch with his 49 receptions. Richards is a burner and can stretch the defense.

7. DK Metcalf, Mississippi - Metcalf may wait until 2020 before coming out but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch him work this year. He’s gonna be a combine superstar with a 6'4, 220 frame and an ability to jump out of the gym.

8. Deebo Samuel, South Carolina - Perhaps being over shadowed a little bit by Bryan Edwards, who has taken a little thunder from the Samuels hype train. However going back to 2016 (broke his leg early in 2017) he was able to amass 59 receptions for 783 yards and if not for the injury in 2017 he would have challenged for a 1500 yard season.

9. Juwan Johnson, Penn State - I’m excited to see what Johnson is able to do now that Barkley, Hamilton and Gesiki have all moved onto the NFL. Johnson is a big target at 6'4 and last year created a little buzz in spring camp. Well all the Big dogs are now gone and it’s time for Johnson to eat and he should be getting force fed plenty.

10. Colin Johnson, Texas - Johnson may not stay at ten very long and could move up in a flash. Collin creates mismatches with his size and a good showing on the Big 12 vs sub par defenses could boost his stock.


Bonus Pass Catchers - Keelan Doss of UC Davis and Demetrius Robertson of California are two pass catchers I’m really watching this upcoming season. The small school Doss was a favorite of mine to watch last season after being tipped off about the kids abilities and all he ever did was produce. As for Robertson I believe he has a high ceiling and pending on how he tests at the combine may get pushed up draft boards. Lets add 2 more guys here David Sills of West Virginia and Stanley Morgan of Nebraska. Morgan stayed in school and now gets a to play in a Scott Frost offence that has been proven to be very WR friendly and Sills will be a match up nightmare in the red zone coming in at 6'4 with Stretch Armstrong type arms .